Showing this weekend we mean business 💪💪💪
Hang in there... it's almost the weekend!
#ForeverBetter #summerstateofmind
Take a moment for yourself today. Breathe, stretch, roll around on a yoga wheel, whatever. But be sure to take the time.
We're riding the wave (tights) this Tuesday like nobody's business. Add some wrist weights and a super rubber band to spice up your pre-summer training!
#ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
Dance, stretch, jump, run… whatever you do, just move your body! #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
The days are getting warmer but the nights can still be chilly. Our quilted hoodie is the perfect thing to throw on after a sweaty workout to keep your temperature from dropping too much. #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
Weekend mood 💪💪💪You don't need a lot of gear to get a great workout in. Throw on a pair of your favourite tights and grab a ball - sweaty times await!
What does a balanced approach to training mean to you? We think it's a mixture of heart, body, and soul. We like to move, sweat, lift, run, jump... whatever feels good in the moment.
What is it they say about cats having 9 lives? From the barre to the gym, we think our sleek and powerful Catsuit is going to have way more fun than that! #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
Want to add a splash of colour to your day? We recommend pairing our toxic orange sport top with the Metal Shine Jacket… it's guaranteed to put you in a good mood. #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
Stretch it out and work the kettle bells! Or, if you're working out at home, give our Sand Bells a try. You'll get a great workout and they'll be kind to your floors. #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
This time of year is all about layers. Go for Toxic Orange tights with a soft grey Quilted Hoodie to balance it out. #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
Take a walk on the wild side with Toxic orange and our metallic fuzzy print tights. #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
We're getting into a Summer State of Mind! Bright colours and sweaty workouts with lots of cardio and HIIT is the name of the game. Come join us! #ForeverBetter #SummerStateofMind
Don't look back, you're not going that way! What's on your horizon for summer 2018? We're seeing bright things coming this year!
Our design team looks for inspiration all around... bright colours, metallics, leather-like fabric and wild patterns coming at you this spring 👌
It's spring time. Gearing up for our Summer State of Mind. Time to get to work!
Looking into the weeks ahead... the outlook is bright!
There's more to a great sports bra than simply how it looks. Technical know-how, design, the right fabrics, and a lot of time go in to creating ours. And we never stop trying to make our sports bras even better.
Wishing you all a Happy Healthy Easter from all of us at Casall!
Take a moment to move your body this weekend. Stretch it out on the yoga mat, or hit the trails for a run. You'll feel great!
Wishing you all a good Good Friday!
Remember that a good sports bra should be like a silent partner in your training. It's there, it's provides great support, but it doesn't get in your way. If you're in Stockholm come see us in our Grev Turegatan or ...
Don't look back, you're not going that way! What's on your horizon for summer 2018? We're seeing bright things coming this year!

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